Pin-Up Series

One of my first surprises in America I encountered was a large scale of celebrating Halloween. I captured this event, and before the onset of Halloween in 2015, I planned to make a series of works dedicated to this holiday.
Of course, I chose the most prominent representatives from not just horror films, but comedies and other genres. Only the bride of Frankenstein was from the very old film. Vampira, Lily Munster and Morticia Addams were from ‘50-’60s and Elvira is from ‘80-’90s.

I have loved these shows and movies since childhood. I remember watching at preschool age Nightmare on Elm Street and Critters. We lived in a small town, and on a single channel often showed American horror B-movies somehow. But most of all I liked horror combined with a comedy. That’s why I love leaking threads of so-called "dark pin-up" in my work so often: the old horror movies, monsters, villains and evil spirits in a very playful and nice style. One day I will release an entire book devoted to this subject in my work.

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