Summer Olympics

Pin-Up Calendar 2017

Back in 2014 after the success of my first Olympic calendar, I realized I couldn’t avoid the summer version. I had been waiting for 2016’s summer Olympics. The Olympics were to be held in Rio, one of my favorite places as I have a love for the South American flavor. I began to prepare for this project in the summer of 2015, but closer to the New year realized that the theme of the Olympic Games was not relevant at that point as it was still just way too early for the summer Olympics. Imagine starting your year in January with a Summer Olympics themed calendar.

After some debate, I decided to make a calendar about America instead, and release the Olympics calendar the following year. Finally when summer came, I realized too late that if I released the calendar after the games, it will also be irrelevant coming out the following winter. Too few people would be interested in it. Finally I just decided not to release a calendar as a major publication due to the odd timing of the summer games. I didn’t abandon the art however and ended up posting thirteen images just before the Olympic Games. The illustrations were received as fast and well as any of my other themed work.

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