Dinosaurs Pin-Up

Calendar 2020

At the end of 2019, I debuted my Dinosaurs calendar. Many of my fans and followers were surprised at such an unusual choice of subject matter. Where are the pin-ups, I was asked, and why dinosaurs? But in my mind these two elements merged perfectly! You see, like a lot of us, I was fascinated by the fossils of ancient reptiles as a kid. An inquisitive child, I read all the books on dinosaurs I could find and even practiced drawing their skeletons. At some point, when I got older and established as an artist, someone wrote to me with an odd request: "Draw a pinup dinosaur." I obliged my patron with a comic drawing of a dinosaur in a skirt and with eyelashes.

But this idea, silly as it was, sat dormant in my consciousness and, a couple of years later, it resurfaced. Suddenly it occurred to me: I’ve loved dinosaurs all my life, why not draw a calendar of them in the company of my other lifelong love — beautiful girls. Now, obviously, we all know that Homo sapiens and dinosaurs did not coexist in the same time period. But neither did Raquel Welch and the rubber lizards of One Thousand Years BC. So let's just agree that this calendar represents a parallel universe. My main inspiration for this series was the work of William Stout, a very talented comics and film artist, whom I personally managed to meet in LA. As has become the norm, the publication of the calendar was accomplished through crowdfunding. True, people took to this oddball idea with less enthusiasm, but that’s okay. After all, the calendar came out cool, and most importantly unique.

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