There’s a challenge amongst the artists on the internet called “Inktober.” The idea is, artists and other creatives post ink-drawn illustrations pertaining to certain random topics every day during October. It’s a very useful challenge for developing skills that I advise everyone of the inclination to try. I, myself, attempted to participate in it several times, but my enthusiasm faded somewhere in the middle. I didn't have enough spark to make it through all 31 days. Plus, ink painting is not really “my thing.”
That was until I discovered on Tumblr (remember old NSFW Tumblr?) such a thing as “Kinktober.” It was the same challenge, only someone had altered it a bit; a month full of drawings united by a kinky theme. Now this spoke to me! I felt sure this time, with the support of my followers, I would be able to see it through to the end.

I came up with the themes myself and quickly started drawing. Immediately I decided that I would draw in the same technique as the cards, but on a white background and with two characters. The most frequent combination was two girls, less often drawings of guys and girls (yes, yes, I still draw men when I must). And I made it through!

This series was so successful that at the time of its creation, I reached 100k Instagram followers, and a huge number of artists, photographers and models took part in this challenge following my list of topics. Flush with success, I immediately decided to repeat this challenge next year.

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