American Pin-Up

Calendar 2016

I, as always, have long suffered with finding my themes, but decided not to philosophize slyly and released a simple American calendar, which is painted under the influence of moving to America. I depicted the states, different attractions in them, and, of course, beautiful women. One of the greatest experiences in my life happened when I was on a trip to America with my future wife in 2010, the year. We drove from Los Angeles to New York zigzag for 27 days and visited all the sights along the way. My memories of this trip, a variety of images and their admiration, I incarnated on this calendar. For example, a girl in Las Vegas — a very real way. One night we saw almost naked dancers with wings, who decided to have a meal in a nearby cafe, not changing clothes. So they stood at a traffic light with handbags.

Religious fanatics, who called out to passers-by not to fall into sin, I also saw on the streets of this city. In San Francisco, I saw a gay pride parade, so, in the calendar there were these men in the background. In New York, most of all I remember Times Square with its crowds of people, including people in strange costumes (such as Spider-Man).

Having moved to America, I decided to try my hand not on Boomstarter, but Kickstarter. The experience was not very successful, because the illustrations I drew quite late, and we had problems with delivery and printing. But, nevertheless, the project was funded, and, in my opinion, it was a good start. My next project dedicated to this book became much more successful.

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