In 2020, I decided not to limit myself to the number of characters and framing. This helped me to feel more freedom in the interpretation of topics.

Every year Instagram (my main platform for daily sketches and art) has gotten more cautious, its rules of content more restrictive, and I absolutely did not want to get banned because of drawings of a sexual nature. So for some sexual practices I came up with elegant metaphors. For example, ejaculation becomes an opened champagne bottle, and an orgasm might manifest in the form of eating KFC wings.

An important difference from the previous year was this time I did not invent characters out of my head, but drew quite specific models, singers, dancers and cosplayers. Many of them reposted my work in their feed and used it as avatars on social networks. For the book, I had to get rid of the red background that was in the original pictures to better match the concept. You can enjoy the uncensored version of the pictures here.

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