50 shades of Superheroes
Naughty Superheroes, that's it!
In each of my books I’ve included a section of fan art inspired by characters of film, TV, and comics. This book will be no exception.
In fact, this section features my very first work in this vein. Actually, while the concept of the Kinky Cards had been around for some time, I’d really never thought of doing erotic fan art. But Fate stepped in in the form of a young woman who approached my table at the L.A. Comic-Con and commissioned a drawing with Peggy Carter and Captain America (um, having sex — naturally).

I drew it in the same comics illustration style as my cards and came up with appropriate word balloons. The end result inspired me so much that a whole series was born from this random commission! Please enjoy this naughty romp through the comics multiverse called “50 Shades of Superheroes”.

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