Marvel's Bombhells

Pin-Up Series

Back in 2015, when I was drawing my first pinup series with superheroes, a DC Comics representative unexpectedly contacted me and offered to join a project called DC Bombshells. My joy knew no bounds, but at the time I had just moved to the USA, didn’t draw full-fledged sequential comics, and even had no legal right to work in the country.

So the collaboration didn't work out, but the idea of the comic book stuck in my head. DC heroines reimagined in the aesthetics of 1940s pin-ups — that was very much in my wheelhouse. Their rival Marvel didn’t have a similar comic book series, so I decided as a fun project: why not follow the same concept with the heroines of their universe? And so this set of drawings was born, which also became a very popular inspiration among cosplayers.

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