Kinky Cards

Male edition

Male versions of the cards were also one of the “stretch goals” in the Kinky Cards Kickstarter campaign. My original inspiration was just to publish a deck with naked girls; to be honest and to each their own, I was not at all eager to draw men. For this incentive, I set a goal of $50,000 for a deck with 18 drawings and $70,000 for a full deck of 54 drawings. I thought that I would never raise such money, and I would not have to draw them.

Much to my surprise, I collected even more (I know!), so I had doubled my work; now having to draw a whole deck with girls, but also another with guys. As a result, four male characters were created with different appearances and builds, which were divided into suits according to the same principle as in the “female deck.” As an artist, it was an interesting and unusual challenge, although I’m still not into men (drawing or otherwise).

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